The Metro Experience!


Regina & Saskatoon

Experience the essence of exceptional libations at Metro Liquor, proudly serving Regina and Saskatoon. Our locally owned establishments are more than just stores; they are hubs of discovery, connection, and celebration.


Around the World

Carefully handpicked and showcased at our establishment, our dedication to perfection shines through in our vast assortment of craft beer, exquisite wines, and exceptional spirits. We proudly offer an unparalleled collection, tailored to satisfy the refined preferences of our esteemed customers. Metro Liquor proudly presents an expansive array that encompasses both beloved local options and coveted international gems, making us a premier destination for the connoisseur.

Metro Liquor Wine


Tailored to You

At Metro Liquor, your preferences reign supreme. If a particular gem is absent from our shelves, fear not – our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction means we will go above and beyond to source it for you. Experience the freedom of choice as you explore our curated collection, all without committing to an entire case. We’re here to make your beverage journey truly personalized.


In-House Sommelier

Elevate your exploration with the expertise of our in-house sommelier. Navigate the nuances of our selection as our connoisseur guides you through tailored recommendations and assists in planning events that align perfectly with your vision and budget. At Metro Liquor, expert guidance is always at your service.


Inspire & Connect

Step into a world of learning, sampling, and camaraderie with our enriching events. Held in Regina, these occasions transcend ordinary gatherings. Immerse yourself in the world of craft beverages, expand your knowledge, and indulge in delightful evenings that create lasting memories. Our events can be tailored to your preferences – from private gatherings to team-building celebrations.

Metro Liquor Events



We cater to establishments that value impeccable food and beverage offerings, extending our top-notch service to restaurants, clubs, golf courses, hotels, and more. Seamless delivery ensures your selected products arrive promptly, enhancing your offerings and impressing your patrons.



Metro Liquor proudly partners with The Opimian Society, handling the distribution of their premium products with its members across Saskatchewan. These partnerships foster connections and elevate experiences, reflecting our dedication to building meaningful relationships within our community.

Metro Liquor Regina is proud to be the exclusive partner of the Regina Whisky Society, fostering a shared passion for the finest spirits. At Metro Liquor Regina, we offer an exceptional selection of premium whiskies, curated to satisfy both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Discover the finest drams with Metro Liquor Regina and the Regina Whisky Society.

Step into the world of Metro Liquor and embark on a journey of unparalleled taste, diversity, and excellence. Join us in celebrating the artistry behind beverages and the joy of exploration.

Here’s to raising your glass to unforgettable moments!